Downtown Orlando FIELD DAY

Downtown Orlando

field day

Presented by Adventhealth

November 7th, Dr. phillips center

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Downtown Orlando field day

Community, Camaraderie, Competition

Get ready for an action-packed journey down memory lane at Downtown Orlando Field Day! We’ve cranked up the fun by infusing classic field day games with a local, Orlando-centric twist. Join in on four epic challenges that’ll transport you back to the days of nostalgic fun. Compete for a chance to win your team the coveted Key to the City in our thrilling Tug of War finale and claim ultimate bragging rights!

Downtown Field Day is more than just games; it’s an event that bridges our daytime economy with nighttime entertainment. As the very first adult field day to hit Orlando, every game you conquer helps fuel and support City District programming. It’s a day of laughter, spirited competition, and a strong sense of community that leaves you with unforgettable memories!

A DAY OF camaraderie & COMPETITION


Thursday, November 7, 2024
3 – 7 PM


Dr.Phillips Center
Seneff Plaza


How It Works

Navigating through field day

Purchase Your Tickets

Join the Field Day action as a team or a spectator. You must be part of a team to participate in the Field Day games. 

Set Up a Team

Rally a squad of 6-8 players (teams can be a minimum of 5, maximum of 10). The ticket buyer becomes the “Team Captain,” responsible for team management and filling out a Game Roster.

Add Players to Your Team

Team Captains can add members to their team during the time of purchase, or after purchase. 

Create Your Game Roster 

Once you’ve created your team, the Team Captain will fill in a Game Roster. Each individual player on the team will participate in 1-3 Field Games, depending on the team’s size.

Booth Space

Teams can purchase booth space for company marketing purposes and/or a central team hub.

Create a Team

Visit our ticket platform and click “Create a Team”. 

The person who initiates the ticket purchase will automatically become the Team Captain.

Team captains must set up a team name and team code during this process.

See detailed instructions

Add Players to A Team

Team captains can register players for their team during ticket purchase or after ticket purchase.

Add Team Members at Time of Purchase 

Add members to your team at the time of purchase by clicking “Add Participant” during the checkout process.

Add Team Members after Time of Purchase
  1. Share your team URL with the team member or have them visit City District’s Race Roster Page → tickets.
    1. Your team URL can be found in your dashboard under “Teams”.
  2. Click “Join a Team” and create a login.
  3. Click “Add Registrant to an existing team”.
  4. Select the team name or enter the team code code

*Team members who add themselves to a team that is already created and paid for will not be charged.*

See detailed instructions

Number of Players Per Team

Your team should be 6 – 8 players, but can be a minimum of 5 and maximum of 10. The less players on your team, the more Field Games for each player. Remember not all players will play each game.  Team Captains can manage and edit their teams through their participant dashboard. 

See detailed instructions

How It Works

Downtown Orlando Field Day features four exciting Field Games, with a grand finale of Tug-of-War played by the top two teams. Teams and players receive a schedule and rotate from field to field, participating in each game during their designated time slots.

Things to Do as a Spectator

As a spectator at Field Day, you can cheer on the participants, enjoy table-top and large yard games at the City Beverages Hospitality Zone, savor delicious offerings from our food trucks, and engage in various entertaining activities throughout the event.

Game Duration

Games kick-off at 4:00 PM, with a 45-minute rotation between each game. This means that every 45 minutes, a new game begins, keeping the excitement rolling throughout the day!

Field Day Games

At Field Day, players will tackle 4 unique Field Games, each testing different skills, like endurance, strategy, and teamwork. The top 2 teams will compete for a “key to the city” in an ultimate tug-of-war showdown!

Red Lobster Relay
Re-live your field day favorites, featuring a 3-legged race, crab crawl, and mmm Cheddar Bay Biscuits!
O-Town Obstacle Course
A tribute to our sports teams-shoot hoops, kick soccer balls, and conquer army crawls in this athletic adventure.
Mystery Match
Put your strategy and patience to the test with a classic card matching game that's bound to keep you on your toes.
The Office Olympics
Channel your inner "Dwight" in this chair spinning, coffee spilling, typical day at the office challenge.
Tug-of-War to Win
The top 2 teams will compete to win a "key to the city" in an ultimate showdown of Tug-Of-War.
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  • Field Day Tickets

    Join the action at Downtown Orlando Field Day by securing your tickets today. Whether you're forming a competitive team, or looking to cheer from the sidelines, we've got you covered.

    To participate in Field Games you must be part of a team! Teams should be made of 6-8 players.

    Those who join Field Day as a Spectator can enjoy the City Beverage Hospitality Zone, various food trucks, and more but won't be able to play Field Games.

    Ticket sales are limited, so don't wait!



Cheer on friends, soak in the atmosphere, without joining the games.



Rally a squad of 6-8 players for an action-packed day of games.


Team + Booth

Compete and showcase your brand with a designated space.

Become a field day sponsor

Join us in creating an unforgettable event and leaving a lasting imprint on our community. Show case your commitment to community, camaraderie, and competition, while supporting City District programming 

Downtown Orlando Field Day

Presented by Advent Health

Game Changer

Sponsor a game, infusing your brand into the excitement

Sixth Man

Contribute to the event’s success, fueling various elements.

Contributing Partner

Showcase generosity with material or expertise contributions.


Customized sponsorship packages ensure your brand’s alignment with the event’s goals. Join us in celebrating community, camaraderie, and competition at Downtown Orlando Field Day.