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The Traffic Box Art Program is an initiative that brings art to unexpected places in Downtown Orlando

City District’s Traffic Box Art Program (Art Box Program) is a community-driven initiative that promotes local art and culture while beautifying the streets of Downtown Orlando. Our program offers local artists the opportunity to showcase their talents by painting traffic boxes throughout the district, turning these typically mundane structures into works of art that brighten up our urban landscape.

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Public art has the power to bring communities together and foster a sense of pride and ownership in the places we call home

How it Works

Artists are invited to submit proposals for painting traffic signal boxes located in public areas throughout City District. Artists will be chosen by a volunteer selection committee. Each selected artist will be provided with a stipend and all necessary supplies to complete their artwork. The artwork will be on display for a period of time, and will be maintained and repaired as needed to ensure its longevity.

Summer 2023 Art Box Project

City District's Summer 2023 Art Box project will add art to 13 never before painted traffic signal boxes in high visibility locations throughout Downtown Orlando. City District's Art Box program has the potential to make a significant impact on the quality of life in our community, and we are committed to its is a success.


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Thank you to our partners!

We rely on the support of local businesses and individuals who share our vision for a more vibrant and creative city.

We are immensely proud to acknowledge and thank each partner for their invaluable contribution to this initiative. Through the collaboration between our local business community and artists, we have been able to create an enriching experience that fosters a stronger sense of community connection and appreciation for the arts.


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Celebrate the Unique Talents that Will Transform Our Streets

We are excited to introduce the talented artists selected for our traffic box art program. These 13 individuals have been chosen from a pool of 336 artist submissions, standing out for their exceptional creativity and unique artistic styles. Their diverse perspectives and artistic visions will bring a fresh and engaging aesthetic to our city’s traffic boxes. Stay tuned as we unveil their remarkable artwork and share their inspiring stories on our website. We are proud to showcase the incredible talent of these artists and their contributions to our community through this transformative art initiative.

Alex Moonsang

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